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This is the legal waiver that you're required to accept before ordering an Isaac helmet restraint system (http://www.isaacdirect.com/). Enjoy.


You have at least one warm brain cell and therefore know that any kind
of racing is dangerous. After all, the idea is to go as fast as possible
and then stop. How you stop is something we have no control over.

Safety products are like birth control. Whatever you do, do something,
because anything is better than nothing. An Isaac® product is better
than nothing, but if you hit something hard enough fast enough, you are
going to get hurt. You might die. In fact, if you hit something really
hard really fast, you will die and there is nothing we can do about it.
You are responsible for your safety, not us. If you don't like it, don't

Once we ship the product, it is out of our control. You have to take
care of it. If it doesn't look right, or feel right, or act right, don't
use it. Send it back to us. If you crash, don't use it again. Send it
back to us. Help us make it a better product.

Read the instructions. Use the product according to the instructions.
Don't modify it. And don't drill holes in the helmet while you are
wearing the helmet. If someone else wants to use the product, it's your
job to make sure they use it correctly, not ours.

If you can check the box below you have at least one warm brain cell, so
here's the deal: We will sell you an Isaac® product if you promise not
to sue us. That's it, pure and simple. Keep in mind that "you" means
you, your family, friends, heirs, estate, successors, assigns and anyone
else who comes along, including someone you may be buying it for. "Us"
means just that: the company, its employees, managers, officers,
directors, affiliates, partners/shareholders/members, agents,
representatives, etc. In other words, you guys won't sue us guys. We
could drag this part out for pages, but you are racers, not namby-pamby
whiners who sit up late at night watching TV commercials that have some
lawyer telling you to call 1-800-SUETHEM.

That's about it. If you check the 'I Agree' below you guys agree not to
sue us guys, you guys agree to use the product like you're supposed to,
and you guys understand and agree that the product has no warranties,
expressed or implied. If you don't check the 'I Agree' box below, we
guys aren't going to sell it to you guys. Sorry, but that's the way it
has to be.

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