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Last night we rode our bikes, as per usual Wednesday criteria. Girl was going to go along but got yucky in her tummy at the last minute and ended up not going :-(. Maybe next week.

We did our usual thing going to OC and all but afterwards instead of just busting ass back to the house we sessioned for a while. It was really fun. At one point we were out behind a hardware store and played around with some pallets and a stack of wood. We set up ramps on both sides of the pile with 2x4s going across the top. Then we rode over it, going "can you get up and down without falling" and "how fast can you do it". Miah and Bruce were both riding 20" bmx-style frames, while I was on my 26" mountain bike. So it was easier for me because I had a longer wheelbase. Anyway, I got to going really fast on it when suddenly I hit it hard enough that the front pallet/ramp pushes the 2x4s which bounce the down ramp and cause it to fall to the ground. This happens while the down ramp is almost directly below me. This means that suddenly instead of riding a ramp down this stack of wood, I'm falling directly to the pavement. But somehow I rode out of it without a scratch. We were all very proud of me.

So that's fun. I gotta go get schoolbooks tonight.

Don't know what's happening with the boss yet. She wanted me to "See her in her office" yesterday but my schedule wouldn't allow it so we'll see what happens today.

Um, hoping to get to spend some good time with girl tonight. :-)

FINALLY! New Crop circles! And this one's COOL.

Reported YESTERDAY, near Alton Barnes, Wiltshire.

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