I got the pulsatin' rhythmical remedy (busychild424) wrote,
I got the pulsatin' rhythmical remedy

Miata notes

  1. remove strut brace
  2. remove plug wires
  3. remove valve cover and gasket
  4. remove bad coil pack
  5. remove passenger seat and disassemble interior
  6. pull up passenger floor panel
  7. replace ECU
  8. remove shifter
  9. drain and remove transmission
  10. replace clutch and flywheel
  11. re-install transmission
  12. remove old intake
  13. remove old heat shield
  14. remove auxiliary fuel pressure regulator
  15. remove MSD ignition box
  16. install knock sensor
  17. get wideband O2 sensor bung welded to downpipe

To do:
  1. re-install rear power plant frame bolts
  2. find the exhaust gasket I know is around somewhere
  3. put the exhaust back on
  4. install wideband O2 sensor
  5. wait for aluminum sensor bung to arrive
  6. have bung welded to intercooler pipe
  7. wait for hose connector to arrive
  8. reinstall all the turbo plumbing
  9. replace the turbo's water and oil hoses
  10. install the new intake
  11. install and wire the air temp sensor
  12. run wires to the knock sensor
  13. fab bracket for electronic boost control solenoid
  14. install, wire and plumb solenoid
  15. buy, install and wire cockpit switch for low/hi boost
  16. run wire from ECU to signal wire so I don't have to have the AFM
  17. install clutch switch override
  18. make sure all sensor wires and the vacuum tube are run from the ECU
  19. enlarge, file down and seal firewall hole
  20. install valve cover gasket & valve cover
  21. install coil pack and plug wires
  22. install new heat shield
  23. fill transmission with fluid
  24. change oil and oil filter
  25. tune ECU
  26. put the passenger seat back in and the rest of the interior back together
  27. wash car
  28. go zoom

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