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Anyone around here got experience with electrical wiring? The manual for my car's new ECU is a bit unclear.

I'm trying to install a cockpit switch for the electronic boost control. This would basically allow me to switch between mechanical boost control (8 psi, 170hp) and electronic (12+psi, 230+hp). Thing is, the EBC solenoid has to be wired a certain way and I'm kinda lost.

The solenoid has two wires. I don't think they are polarized, but they might be. One is for B+, one is ground. The manual directs me on how to wire them up. If I'm not installing a switch, it seems pretty simple. Attach this wire to this one, that wire to that one. Easy peasy.

However, it says that the ECU switches the ground wire (not the power wire) in order to turn this on and off. If I want to run a switch, I have to install it inline on that wire. And here's where I get confused.

My cockpit switch has three prongs on the back. Power, Ground, and Other (switched/source). I'm not sure how to hook this up. Because theoretically I have two wires coming to the switch - one goes to the ECU and one goes to the solenoid. I'm sure I run the power prong directly to a power source. No problem. But then do I run the ground prong to the ECU and the switch prong to the solenoid?


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