I got the pulsatin' rhythmical remedy (busychild424) wrote,
I got the pulsatin' rhythmical remedy

Engine turns over but will not fire.  I don't think I'm getting any spark.  Timing light is not strobing when I try to start the car.


My first thought is the coil pack since replacing that is one of the things I did.

To do:
  1. replace lower frame brace
  2. rewire radiator fans in series
  3. Start engine, make sure nothing is leaking.  Particularly fuel injectors, water hoses at the firewall, fuel lines where AFPR used to be
  4. seal firewall holes
  5. fine tune the ECU's idle characteristics
  6. Put car in motion and further tune the ECU, calibrating fuel maps
  7. Once car is running well, activate electronic boost control and go ZOOOOOM
  1. install new heat shield
  2. replace strut brace
  3. Turn on the ignition and begin tuning the ECU, including calibrating the WB02 sensor
  4. reconnect the battery
  5. put driver seat back in
  6. wire the boost switch
  7. install the intake
  8. the whole interior is in except for the passenger seat
  9. the ECU is mounted
  10. put radio back in
  11. fab bracket for electronic boost control solenoid
  12. install, wire and plumb solenoid
  13. cut switch mounting plate for boost switch
  14. fill transmission with fluid
  15. tighten transmission drain plug
  16. drain oil
  17. refill with oil
  18. I'll replace the turbo's water and oil return hoses some other time, it's in good shape
  19. make sure all sensor wires and the vacuum tube are run from the ECU
  20. figure out how the hell to wire the boost switch
  21. install and wire wideband O2 sensor
  22. run wires to the knock sensor
  23. screw the lower shift boot, it's in good enough shape for now and easy to replace later
  24. buy the damn oil filter already
  25. buy new hose clamp for air filter after h4xx0ring the one that came with it (note to self - don't torque it so hard)
  26. buy elephant dick
  27. remove radio for wiring access
  28. remove driver seat for wiring access
  29. buy cockpit switch for low/high boost
  30. install and wire the air temp sensor (use loctite)
  31. run wire from ECU to signal wire so I don't have to have the AFM
  32. reinstall all the turbo plumbing
  33. install clutch switch override
  34. have bung welded to intercooler pipe
  35. new hose connector for intake has arrived
  36. aluminum sensor bung has arrived
  37. install valve cover gasket & valve cover
  38. install coil pack and plug wires
  39. put the exhaust back on
  40. find the exhaust gasket I know is around somewhere
  41. put driveshaft back on
  42. re-install rear power plant frame bolts
  43. get wideband O2 sensor bung welded to downpipe
  44. install knock sensor
  45. remove MSD ignition box
  46. remove auxiliary fuel pressure regulator
  47. remove old heat shield
  48. remove old intake
  49. re-install transmission
  50. replace clutch and flywheel
  51. drain and remove transmission
  52. remove shifter
  53. replace ECU
  54. pull up passenger floor panel
  55. remove passenger seat and disassemble interior
  56. remove bad coil pack
  57. remove valve cover and gasket
  58. remove plug wires
  59. remove strut brace

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