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Weekend Update (and many other things) with David Spade (is he a little snot or what)

Friday Night
Girl and I went to parents house
Dad told about trip to Chicago and Dan's boot camp graduation
Also told about trip to spain and gave me some Euros and British Pounds (see below)
Girl and I went home, she went out with friends and I stayed home and played

Girl worked all day, I slept in
Worked a bunch on my model
Went with girl to get kids
Girl went out again while I put kids to bed & played

Took kids & dogs to park for picnic with girl's friend & friend's niece
Had baked beans, potato salad, macaroni salad, chili cheese dogs, lemonade
Went home to change into swimsuits
Xandria got whacked in the head with the screen door and now has a goose egg on her forehead with a nice 3/4 inch long cut in the middle (yowch)...but she's ok
Took kids swimming (Tandra and I got in too)
went home
had pancakes & bacon for dinner (yummy)
TV till bedtime

Mike Metzger hits back-to-back backflips on Moto X to win gold

Dave Mirra with the double tailwhip

Mat Hoffman does a tailwhip

Hoffman also did a no-handed 900 which was a record-setting move, but expn.com's photo of it is broken.

I scanned a bunch of pictures of Euros and the rest of my foreign coin collection, but I can't get access to my webserver at the moment so I won't be able to post them just yet. I will soon.

I start school tomorrow. This is strange for me. I graduated high school in 94, haven't been to college since about 99 and haven't taken a structured, semester-long course in two years. Now I'm going to be taking 12 hours. I'm looking forward to the challenge though.


Winchester, Hampshire. Reported 15th August.

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