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do you believe this shit

What the fuck happened
I was in the Lowe's parking lot trying to exit, northbound, across the busy street to a residential street opposite the parking lot exit.  The busy east/west street I was trying to cross has construction and is down to one lane each way.  Traffic going from my left to my right is backed up past the parking lot exit but they have left a gap for me.  I can't see traffic coming from my right.  There had been none for a while so I figured the light was red.  So I inched out, looking, looking, looking, suddenly I'm in the intersection and some dude on a Harley Fat Boy is flying toward me.  I hear him lock up the brakes and see his bike start to go sideways as I jump on the gas and try to get out of the way.  Obviously it didn't work.  He plowed the fuck into me, shifting my car a width and a half to the left and destroying the passenger side of the car.  The windows were both blown out, every body panel on that side is damaged, and at its deepest point, the passenger side door is dented in a full twelve inches from where it was supposed to be.  Had anyone been in the passenger seat, they most certainly would have had a broken arm, and probably broken ribs.

Kai wasn't with me.  I might have a bit of a stiff neck but I'm fine.


The guy who dumped his bike... I think he's okay.  First thing I did once I realized what had happened was to jump out and run back to where he was and see if he was okay.  Obviously I was freaked the fuck out and my goddamn POS phone wouldn't get through to 911 so someone else made the call.  I talked to the guy.  He was on the ground and in obvious pain but with no apparent injuries.  He was conscious though, talked to me, knew what was going on and remembered what had happened.  He was more worried about his bike (and my car, he was a nice guy) than himself.  He continued to seem okay for about 15 minutes until the ambulance took him away.

I got a ticket for failing to yield right of way.

There is absolutely no chance that my car is not totalled.

What the fuck is going to happen
I think I'm upside down on the car a little bit, so I'm going to wind up with a car payment and no car.
I can't really afford all this shit anyway so I'm going to try to get a cheap, ugly, old, reliable, safe car to drive for a while until I get some debt paid down.  So I'm going from my lovely, hot-ass Subaru to some old piece of crap that I will hate.  For the kind of money I make this is fucking ridiculous.  I just got that fucking car in January and it's fucking gone.
My Miata still isn't running so I have to get a rental.
I'm supposed to drive to Dallas for work next week.
I've now had three accidents, two tickets, and two totalled cars in six months.  I can't wait to see what happens to my insurance premiums.  It had been so long since I'd had ANYTHING happen on my driving record, and now this.  The last two accidents were within two months, and I got tickets on both of them.  This is bad in any case, but for a guy like me who prides himself on driving skill this is really a fucking ego blow.  At this moment I don't even want to drive any more at all.  I would really rather just work from home and not have to drive all the fuck over town every day like I do now.  I'm seriously considering moving over close to my sitter just so I don't have to drive that leg every fucking day.  I goddamn hate driving during rush hour traffic - that's when both of my accidents have been.  I used to live five minutes from my work and didn't have to drive to a babysitter in between.  I want THAT shit back.  Fuck, I want my Subaru back but that shit isn't going to happen either.

Yes, there are a lot of things to be grateful for.  Kai wasn't with me.  I'm not hurt.  Dude wasn't immediately dead.  Yes, shit could have been much worse.  But you know what?  I'm not wired like that.  Not right now.  I am in a fucking bad mood about the shit and I think I deserve to be.

I really just wish I could disappear from everything.  I don't want to deal with any of this.  Not my insurance, not getting a fucking car that I will hate, none of it.

And I really hope the other guy is as okay as he appeared to be.
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