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I got the pulsatin' rhythmical remedy

I need one of those "no guns" signs for my neighborhood

My next-door neighbor has one of those driveways that, as well as leading up to the garage, also goes around the side of the house and into the backyard which is mostly paved. He's got a 3-car garage back there, although from what I've seen there's only one car in there (nothing special) and it's mostly just workshop space.

I frequently hang out in the den with the windows open and the sliding glass door to the patio open with just the screen door closed. I like the breeze. Saves on A/C bills. Sometimes I hear the neighbor out there doing whatever he does, his power tools, saws and drills and whatever else. It's not unreasonably loud and I don't mind.

So yesterday around noon I'm laying around watching TV when I hear these two loud bangs. After that I hear another loud bang. Like, loud enough to tug me out of my tv-induced haze. I thought, "christ, what is he, out there with a nail gun or something?" Then I look over and notice that my patio door is in fact closed, which means those bangs were a lot louder than I thought. I get up and look through the gaps between the slats of the privacy fence and see at least three people walking around back there. Then I notice that the one who appears to have a shirt which is some khaki-like color, sort of official looking. Then I see patches or something embroidered on it and I get real curious.

I go out front and parked directly between my house and the neighbor's house on his side drive is a PD cruiser with its lights on. Then a lady comes around the corner holding one of those animal control nooses. In the noose was maybe the biggest, nastiest looking Rottweiler I've ever seen. It was snarling and tugging and foaming and all types of shit. I have to give credit to the lady, she hardly even seemed to be fazed as she dragged it out to the dark blue animal control van in the street.

Apparently the cops had gotten a call about a vicious dog and chased it into my neighbor's back yard, where it charged the cop, who SHOT AT IT.

Note: Shot AT it. At point blank range, the cop missed the dog THREE TIMES. Well, not entirely missed, but kind of got it in the front paws, enough to turn it around and run it the other way. I watched as the crime scene guy showed up with his camera and took pictures of where the bullets took chips out of dude's backyard concrete.

I can't decide how to feel about this. On one hand, if a crazy Rott was charging me and I had the option, I'd shoot the fucker too. On the other, this cop is firing shots in a residential neighborhood in the backyard. What if the angle had been different, so that the ricochet'd shots were going through the fence into my backyard? My two-year-old plays out there.

So. That was my excitement for yesterday.

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