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an actual update

Job: I have a job offer for $4000 a year more than I was making at my last job, and it looks like a good job. I have an interview in Lawrence, KS tomorrow, but unless they offer me an ungodly amount of money, I'll take the offer here. Either way I expect to be employed by next week.

Vacation: I spent the last week in Washington, DC. My best friend's boss sent him out there to get a car that had been in storage for 5 years and drive it home, and he took me with him. We flew out on the 3rd and hung out for a few days, driving back on the 7th, 8th and 9th. On the 7th we drove 12 hours, from DC to Champaign, IL in one day. Pretty impressive. We were up until 3 AM every night and up between 9 and 10 every morning. We stayed in a really nice townhouse near Georgetown and had a 2003 x-type Jag at our disposal which we drove around some. We spent lots of time walking all over the National Mall after dark, shooting photos of the various monuments. We also stopped at the Gateway Arch in St Louis on the way back. The trip was a blast. I shot around 1200 photos total, including 350 frames of the 4th of July Fireworks at the Washington Monument. I'll get around to posting some of them eventually.

Tandra: I've been going through Tandra's stuff in great detail lately - every piece of paper, every single little item, dividing it up among stuff to keep, stuff to give to her friends, stuff to save for the kids, stuff to donate, and trash. I do a little every day. I hope at some point to be able to use that storage room for something other than crap.

Cars: I'm still driving Mom's Buick while she's in France. I don't want to make any decisions about buying another car until I get another job, and until the Subaru is paid off, which should be next month. The Miata is still out of commission, but assuming the fuel injector o-rings I installed last week hold, all that's left is tuning it (which means having to borrow a laptop) and possibly tracking down a vacuum leak.

DJing: I have a DJ gig on Friday, JULY 27th at Finn's. Looking forward to that.

This weekend Miah and I are going to the McConnell AFB open house to shoot photos of the airplanes, including the Blue Angels. That should be hot, miserable, sunburney, and fun.

The following weekend, we're going to Pike's Peak for the annual International Hill Climb. This is where specially built cars race up the mountain one at a time for the fastest time in their class. Rally cars, street cars, even Semi rigs race up the mountain. It'll be the first real racing car event I've ever been to and I'm totally stoked.

Okay, so that's me in a nutshell. I'm a week and a half behind on you guys, so if I'm quiet, that's why. I hope to catch up soon.

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