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this weekend

About a year ago I got a big bonus at work and I got to do something I'd been wanting to do for a long time - I bought myself a mountain bike. About that same time I started hanging out with an old friend who, I didn't realize, was very much into bicycling. We've since grown very close, he's one of my best friends. Jeremiah (Miah, short for Jeremiah and long for "uh") and I have spent countless summer nights out riding our bikes, learning tricks, falling down, and trying, trying again. After a while you start to look at the world differently. You start to look at things in terms of whether it's ridable. We drove through the Flint Hills on the way to Lawrence, and the valleys and hills were more than just scenery; they were something that looked really fun to downhill. Driving through downtown we see all sorts of stuff that could be "streetable", things to jump off, places to do grinds (my bike doesn't have pegs, but one of Miah's does). You can't look at anything without considering whether it would be ridable. We call this state of mind being BIK positive, because it appears to be a contagious thing that infects you and doesn't go away. It's a very good thing. (Thanks, Martha.)

Yesterday Tandra and I went out to take photographs of one another. I've never been big into photography, but I've always been envious of those who had a good eye for it. Also, I'm vain, so I've always wanted a few really sexy black and whites of myself, so this was good.

It's very interesting how taking photographs affects you. By the time we were finished, I was looking at everything through a lens. Imagining how it would look if it were frozen in time. So I was looking at things with both Bike-vision and Photo-vision. As we were on our way to drop off the film, I was looking at a ledge across the intersection that would be a good ledge to grind, and a car which was burning oil pretty bad took off across the intersection. As I watched the ledge, the smoke from the car swirled up and around in the street, and I looked through it at the ledge. At that moment it struck me what an interesting photograph it would have made, just as it struck me what a great place it would be to ride.

Something else struck me at that moment. This world is so full of inherent beauty. There are so many ways we can look at the world. There is a simple visual pleasure in almost anything, if you can be still and perceptive enough to see it. It's unfortunate that most people, myself included, just grow so accustomed to what we see that we take it for granted. We forget to appreciate it because so many other things clutter our vision and our minds. I believe that this is one of the most important things we can do in life, to appreciate these small things. I think it keeps you more spiritually in touch with yourself and with the world around you. I just wish it didn't take active effort on my part; I wish I were naturally inclined that way. Not out of laziness, but because of who I would be if I were.

It's like the difference between driving with the windows up and riding a bike. You feel so much closer to the world around you, you feel a part of it rather than sheltering yourself from it, separating yourself from it. Allow yourself to marvel at the world! Allow yourself to look in wonder! Allow yourself to be awestruck when you look at the urban landscape, the tall, angular buildings. Consider the generations of engineering genius it took to create such a structure, and appreciate the beauty in its lines, its shadows, its steel and concrete. Allow yourself to be awestruck when you look through the leaves of a tree and see the sun sparkling on a river. Note the details in the leaves. Don't be scared or repelled by the spider, instead consider the brilliance of its web and the effectiveness of its shape and form. Imagine what we could do with eight legs.

That's all for now, must work.
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