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[11:12] kyouteki: also, this is very cool: http://gizmodo.com/gadgets/science/video-playing-with-floating-orbs-of-water-in-space-297508.php
[11:22] busychild424: ok that narrator is the nerdiest man alive but the video was cool
[11:22] kyouteki: haha
[11:22] busychild424: although mister nerd did have the advantage of sounding all official coming out of my office
[11:22] kyouteki: haha
[11:22] kyouteki: well
[11:22] kyouteki: he's a fucking astronaut
[11:22] busychild424: that's a good point too
[11:23] kyouteki: he got into space because he can do science shit
[11:23] busychild424: so, "science shit" has its merits
[11:23] kyouteki: yeah
[11:23] busychild424: i.e. getting to go to space
[11:23] kyouteki: right
[11:23] kyouteki: if you're good enough at it
[11:23] busychild424: right
[11:23] busychild424: or if you SOUND good enough at it
[11:23] kyouteki: unfortunately, at this point in time, "Halo shit" will NOT get you in space
[11:23] kyouteki: however
[11:24] kyouteki: if we ever go to war with an alliance of alien races with a religious kink that makes them want to destroy all life in the universe, then this Halo gaming may come in handy

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