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Isn't it amazing how music can remind you so vividly of a time of your life? Certain smells do the same thing. The smell of a grill always reminds me of Labor Day. Summer's drawing to a close and there's not SHIT on TV because of the Jerry Lewis telethon. (Who came up with the idea of a telethon anyway, and didn't they realize the incredibly short attention span of the average American?)

Earlier today as I was typing another of my journal entries, a song came on that I used to listen to a lot around May of 2000. It reminded me of driving around Riverside looking for apartments to check into. A spring evening with the windows down, feeling absolutely giddy because I'd finally gotten the job I'd wanted and I could afford to move out of my parents' house. Driving through the beautiful neighborhood of Riverside looking for apartments, imagining how nice it would be to live 6 blocks from work instead of 30 minutes. In my life, the good things and the bad tend to balance one another out, but there are moments, and this was one, when I'm able to distract myself from the downers and experience that unconditional happiness that just makes your heart feel warm. I remember wanting to stop the car, jump out, and just jump up and down, I was so excited.

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