I got the pulsatin' rhythmical remedy (busychild424) wrote,
I got the pulsatin' rhythmical remedy

I had a really interesting dream last night

Hey adr0ck , remember Mrs. Orsman?  kakita_shisumo , I know you do.

I dreamed I was searching for something.  I was downtown, in a strange split-level building.  I was on the lower level, which was like a garden level, half underground.  The walls were bare brick, the floor was bare concrete, and the ceiling was rafters and joists and plumbing, completely unfinished.  Some grumpy old alcoholics apparently lived there - big, brawny, bald type guys who were functional, had jobs and whatnot, but were leery about a stranger rummaging around their residence.

The room I was in had a couple areas, one was two steps lower than the other.  The upper area had a set of folding chairs & table.  The lower level had a long wall of what looked like safety deposit boxes like you'd see in a bank vault, or maybe they were drawers of some kind.  They were dark gray metal, all identical and all had metal handles.  That's where I was searching.  I was sitting on the floor when I found what I was looking for.  One of the drawers was full of these tiny, thin rolls of paper, almost like super skinny rolls of tape, like what you'd use to pinstripe a car.  The paper was sticky on one side, and when I unrolled it, it had tiny tiny little transparencies - thumbnails of old photos.  And I mean they were small, like a few millimeters on each side.  Somehow though I could see them, and they were old photos from my time in elementary school.  There were photos of kids whose names I remember, and photos of kids whose names I don't, but whose faces I remember.  And there were photos from Mrs. Orsman's GTC class.  This was exactly what I had been searching for.

Fast-forward (because that's what happened in my dream) to some point soon after that.  I had somehow tracked down Mrs. Orsman, and also gotten ahold of a bunch of her other old students that I went to school with.  Ashley, Adam, you guys were there, as well as Kirsten Bisbee and some other girl whose face I remember but whose name I don't.  And we all got together and brought Mrs. Orsman to that building downtown so we could show her those photos.  I feel like they were something she'd lost and had been searching for, although that was just a vague feeling in my dream.  She was delighted to see them and started talking about her relationships with certain students, the bond that sometimes happens with certain kids, and she compared those relationships to other meaningful relationships that happen throughout life, telling us that we all fell into that category. It was really cool.  And I think that we had worked out some way to scan those photos and enlarge them, and we were going to make normal size prints of them all.

So yep, that was my dream.  It was so interesting and cool that I woke up from it at 5:30 this morning, grabbed my phone and e-mailed myself the details so I wouldn't forget them.  Cool, right?

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