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a rare weekend post

Yesterday girl and I went to see Goldmember. It was pretty good, not as good as 2 though. Afterwards we went to IHOP for a smoke and a pancake. Seriously. The crepe on the movie made me hungry for crepes.

Last night I was awakened by my trembling dog trying to crawl onto my head. It was thundering and she's terrified of thunder. I went and sat on the front porch at 1:30 AM. What a spectacular and beautiful thing that the very sky itself awakens to give such a beautiful display of light and sound. Such a display that nothing man-made can approach it. The terrible vibrating rumble of thunder and the blinding flashes of lightning. One of the only redeeming things about living in Kansas.

Today I psycho-cleaned the bathroom and then built most of my desk. It's too big for the only place I have for it. It'll just have to be a little bit in the way.
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