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weekend update, with...oh, wait

No need for a weekend update, you already know everything.

Except that my dog peed on the kitchen floor again after the last post.

And my OTHER dog crapped on the carpet, the one who never ever has accidents in the house.

I TOLD you yesterday was piss all over the house day.

My boss is in training classes all week. I.e., not here. Bonus. Only, they start their classes at 8:30 and he likes to come in here for a few minutes first, which means he is still around and potentially noticing when I'm late.

A Citroen driver, Sebastian Loeb, won this year's Rally Deutschland. W00t to him and anyone else who can beat the Peugeot team, especially on asphalt where Ford really isn't going to be pounding down a fast pace on those Pirellis.


North Farm, nr West Overton, Wiltshire. Reported 23rd June.

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