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yesterday update

Yesterday I called in sick because I didn't feel like waking up. Then I spent all day doing chores, housework, and laundry. I didn't get online or anywhere even near a computer so you were spared my reckless posting and the crop circle of the day.

Today, though, that is not to be...

Last night we rode to OC as per usual. It was a typical Wednesday night. Much fun. Our usual waiter was off last night but showed up to hang out with us since he didn't have to work. I thought that was super cool. And my fiancee scarletfirefly brought her friend shekill, who bought me a beer! YOU ROCK!

Tandra is sick...poor girl. She sounds awful because whatever she has is lodged in her throat and head... I wish I could make her feel better.

I have no idea how the birthday-boy's little shindig went, and I prefer it that way.


Halewick Lane, Sompting, Nr Worthing, West Sussex.
Reported 3rd June.
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