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There's one thing I can say for having a real job and having to get up in the morning is that even in the summertime I get to see the day before it gets ugly hot. This morning was beautiful, a bit overcast, drove to work with the windows down.

I love orange juice. And grapefruit juice. And I love SAM's.

Tandra and both kids are sick. Tandra is pretty close to death, I think. Not really. But she sounds yucky and is coughing and has a nasty headache. The kids are both coughing. It will be a miracle if I can avoid this plague. [madly stuffing echinacea and vitamin c down my gullet]

Boeing is super duper close to a strike. I'm told by my sources that they're considering shutting down production entirely if that happens. Last time Boeing struck there were serious quality issues with the planes built by the scabs or whoever it was that built them. Cost the company a lot to fix. Also if Boeing can find a reason to delay delivery to the airlines, it will help the airlines recover a bit from their current financial and economic situation.

If that happened, my dad would be out of a job, at least temporarily. Even though he's not a part of that union. That sucks.

It's FRIDAY... la la la. Three day weekend, la la la. Big-ass rocket launch, la la la. Cody's got the kids all weekend, la la la la la la la!


update.... I typed all that in about an hour ago. Since then my parents came by my work to tell me that my cousin committed suicide Wednesday. I wasn't as close to him as some of my other cousins but I have to watch his family and my family and my grandparents deal with this.

No crop circle today.

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