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to quote pastorofmuppets:
"I get paid today. ROCK!

"I pay bills today. Suck."

That captures it. It sucks when you dread payday more than you long for it. My real hope is that Tandra doesn't dread my paydays. I hope she doesn't go "shit, he's going to be in a bad mood." I gotta try to not let that happen.

Things to do today:
  • Get cash from ATM

  • Give cash to Tandra's mom

  • Give cash to Wal-Mart people in order to pick up pictures which can hopefully help me sell items on eBay, profits from which can hopefully help me out

  • Play with my dogs

  • Spend time with my honey and try to enjoy the kids's company

  • Go to class (suck, for sure)

  • Update LJ all day and not work and write more of these lists that no one but me cares about

  • Long for an SVT Focus

That reminds me, probably after lunch I can scan those pictures in from Theorosa's bridge, that supposedly haunted bridge I posted about a long time ago. We'll see if anything strange turned up. I somehow doubt it.

Also pictures of my doggies, so I'll be able to make the doggy icon actually of my dogs, instead of just a random Beagle.

Note to self: The reason that the vending machines at work sell SMALL bags of pretzels is because you can finish them before they get stale.
Note to self: Stop buying big-ass bags of pretzels to keep at work because they get all hard before you finish them all.
Note to self: It's okay to throw away food. It's okay to throw away food. It's okay to throw away food.

I want to go on a road trip. Yeah, I know, I just went on one. That's what made me want to go on one. Between Tandra smoking and dad not allowing smoking in his car and my mom needing to stretch, we stopped a lot. We stopped at some really interesting places out in the middle of nowhere and I really wished I'd had a camera. I want to just hit the road and take a camera and take interesting pictures of stuff. I want to go on a road trip to take pictures, not to go to a funeral.

I want a nap.
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