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Weekend Update, with Dennis Miller

I wasn't in the most fabulous mood Friday and I actually don't remember all that much about it. I think Tandra went out that evening and I just played PS2.

Did homework most of the day. Read History. Sucked.

Some football, some going to the store, some building furniture and rearranging all the bathroom crap. We have so much bathroom shit, it's amazing. We got rid of a boxload of it and that was like a quarter of the total.

Interesting stuff I've found today:

  • LifeGem Memorials (Elk Grove Village, Ill.) announced in August that, using available technology, it can turn a loved one's cremated ashes into a diamond by pressing and heating the ashes to 5,400 degrees Fahrenheit. A chemistry professor cited by The New York Times agreed that the plan was sound; carbon from the ashes converts to graphite, which can be pressurized into a diamond. LifeGem prices start at $4,000 for a quarter-carat. [New York Times, 8-22-02]

  • Blue Man Group's tribute to September 11th: www.exhibit13.com. I really liked this.
Since I left work Friday, there have been 90 posts on my friends page. jeez.



I think the crop circle season is slowing down. I might have to stop posting daily if I run out, at least until next season or something.

Uffington White Horse, nr Woolstone, Oxfordshire. Reported 23rd June.
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